Tuesday, February 14, 2012

You Matter

Sometimes when you're least expecting it, the world shows you a glimmer of hope. I was sitting waiting for the bus a few days ago when I saw these two words written in dry-erase marker on the glass of the walls: "You Matter." I'm sure whoever wrote it didn't mean it for me specifically, but I felt like somehow fate had arranged for this message to reach me on a personal level. Later that day the words were gone, which was sad because I think everyone needs to hear that they matter more often than they do. Especially from those who they are close to, who assume they know already.

Today was Valentine's Day, a holiday generally greeted with mixed feelings. I had my own selfish feelings about it, believe you me. But one can only ask one's self why one isn't currently part of a two so many times and still stay sane. Instead, I decided to find another outlet for my love on this day of romance. And then I thought, "Why does it have to be just romantic love? I love plenty of people in a way that doesn't make my heart do triple salchows." There ended my hormonal depression and began a brighter day.

I'm going to quote a truly amazing person, someone I want to grow up to be like someday: “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” [Mother Teresa] It doesn't matter what you do, so much as the fact that you actually do something. 'Nuff said.

I know it's kind of a trite subject sometimes and you hear this a lot, but I'm not going to say anything more about it, because I feel that matters of this magnitude should be left simple and stripped of sugar. So here it is: Love everyone, and let them know it.

And if you're reading this, just know that YOU matter. Yeah, you. And don't ever forget it.

Happy Valentine's Day.

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