Monday, February 27, 2012


by David Lee

God was halfway through a game of Jenga when the telephone rang. Lucifer was calling to complain about the heat again, to ask Him could He please turn it down, because the dials were certainly not down there. While He pretended to send Gabriel to fiddle with the A/C, Man stumbled upon Diety's puzzle game and fell to his knees in wonder. God watched as villages and cities and nations of Man sprung up around this sign from heaven, spreading word of His grace far and wide until all had come to see the marvels He had wrought. God was very annoyed by all of this, of course. There was absolutely no way He could finish His match with the eyes of the world trained there, awaiting His final move.

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  1. um, sometimes I'm in love with you. Because of things like this. You're freaking fantastic. :)